How CrossBorderPost Works

How does CrossBorderPost work?

We have a vast network of trusted shipping partners, spanning continents and countries, to guarantee prompt and reliable delivery, even to the most remote corners of the world. With our delivery networks, we make cheaper, affordable, international shipments available to everyone in Canada.

1. Sell a product using sales channel

The process starts when a sale has be made and an order created through your online store. Once you have integrated your online store with CrossBorderPost, you can manage all your orders in one place and create shipping labels.

2. Packaging of the sold product

Add credit to your account balance, select and review the packages to be shipped, print the labels for your package using our platform and prepare them to be dropped off.

3. Drop off package to be shipped

Visit one our branches nearest you to have your packages handled and shipped. You may also schedule a pick-up from a location of your choice.

4. Track the package online

With CrossBorderPost, it is very easy to track your package as it is shipped internationally. Just visit the shipments page and click the tracking link generated for the shipment.

5. Package is delivered to customer

We are very committed to safeguarding your orders as they are shipped and delivered to your customers. Once we receive the package, you can be sure that we will go above and beyond industry standards to ensure it gets to its destination in pristine condition.