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The most affordable method of shipping anywhere in the world, including to the United States and Canada. By leveraging our partnerships and negotiating favorable rates, we enable businesses to significantly reduce their shipping expenses.

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Shipping options for all online retailers

Ready to expand your reach and connect with customers globally? We’ve got the solution for you.

Canadian Shipping

At Crosborderpost, we offer unbeatable rates for our domestic shipping service, giving you the most cost-effective option to ship anywhere in Canada.

U.S. Shipping

Crossborderpost provides you a competitive edge against U.S. sellers with our access to discounted rates on USPS postage.

International Shipping

Crosborderpost with APC Logistics and PostNL to deliver you the fastest and most dependable service, enabling you to expand your global market presence.

What you can do with CrossBorderPost

A platform for all your needs

You can accomplish a lot of shipping-related tasks without having to leave our platform

Import Orders

Once you connect you store or marketplace, importing and syncing your order is just a button click.

Manage multiple shipping account

Our platforms allows you to manage you orders under separate accounts for US or Canada shipping under one profile.

Use Drop-off Locations

Our platforms allows you to quickly select from a list of locations you can drop of your packages to be shipped from when creating labels.

Print Labels

Printing labels that have been created is accessible from withing the application anytime and backed up in the cloud.

Streamline Returns

You can easily generate return labels automatically, for free.

How It Works

Integrate Your Online Store

Efficiently manage your shipping with Crossborderpost by integrating your online store. Keep all your orders organized in one central location.

Pay and Print Your Shipping Labels

Upload credit to your account, select and review the packages you’re preparing, then print your labels within your account - all done in a few clicks!

Drop Off or Arrange for Pick-up

Choose the most convenient option for you - visit one of our nearby branches or drop-off points or book our pick-up service.

Why ship with Us?

No matter what your shipping needs are, you can ship knowing that you are getting the cheapest rates and best value.

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